New building & conversion projects

New building & conversion projects

Conversion, retrofit or newbuild: We do have the whole range of sites and services required for even the most sophisticated project.

Below you find a detailed overview of what we can do for you:

Yard selection

  • Yard audits
  • Gap analysis

Makers selection

  • Technical Agreement review
  • Negotiation with makers

Guarantee Claims

  • Claims handling
  • Claims settlement

Re-purchase Inspections

  • Inspections on short notice
  • Vessel´s design, construction status and quality review

Plan approval

  • Drawings review
  • 3D model review
  • Plan approval technical meetings
  • Model test attendance
  • PAL document control system

Contract negotiation

Review and negotiation of
  • Ship Building Contracts
  • Technical Specifications
  • Maker Lists

Design consultancy

  • Outline specification development
  • Shipping feasibility studies
  • Ship’s design review
  • Hull form optimization management
  • Slow steaming studies

Site supervision

  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Sub-contractors audit
  • Equipment storage control
  • Patrol, official inspections
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Docking trials
  • Sea trials, gas trials
  • Delivery
  • PAL document control system

Provision of Supervisors

  • Naval architects, anti-corrosive engineers, marine engineers, marine electrical engineers, site managers and project managers


  • Broker for Yards and Owner